About Us

Indu Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (ICPL) came into existence in 1973 and since then, the company has consistently grown and expanded its core capabilities.
Originally, ICPL was a steel-rerolling company but today it trades in TATA Tiscon, Primary Aluminum and Zinc. ICPL has maintained strong business relationships with the TATA Group of companies since the 1970s; originally one of its associated companies supplied coaches to the TATA group and thereafter ICPL became involved with TATA Steel. Today, ICPL has shifted its core significance to distribution & marketing of steel and non-ferrous metals.

ICPL deals in the following products :

1. TATA Tiscon TMT Rebars
2. Zinc (High Grade and Special High Grade Zinc)

3. Primary Aluminium
4. Imported Products such as Wire Roads and Hot-Rolled Coil

Other Products

TATA Tiscon

ICPL supplies TATA Tiscon TMT Rebars to a number of customers in Maharashtra. ICPL also has a ReadyBuild facility (with 100% imported state of the art machinery from Schnell Ltd.) which provides TMT rebars in customized shapes to minimize wastage and labor on site.



ICPL supplies Zinc ingots to customers all over Maharashtra and Gujarat. The ingots are available in SHG, SHG-CGG, SHG-JUMBO, HG, PW AND 99.99% Min Lead grades. Zinc is extensively used for galvanizing products and for producing zinc oxide which is used in the pharmaceutical industry.



ICPL supplies Aluminium billets, ingots and wire rods to customers in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Aluminium finds applications in various industries- some of which are consumer goods and packaging, electrical cables etc.


Other Products

ICPL regularly imports wire rods and hot rolled coils and sells them within Maharashtra. ICPL has partnered with various customers in the import of a variety of products in the metal industry, based on individual customer needs.

Our Team

Mr. Paresh Kapashi

Paresh joined the business in 1990. He has grown ICPL’s TATA Tiscon distributorship in the project and retail segments since 2001 and manages the Tiscon ReadyBuild (Cut and Bend) business. He also oversees the imports business run by ICPL.

Mr. Nimish Kapashi

Nimish joined the business in 1993. He has been in charge of both the Zinc and Aluminium businesses within ICPL since their inception, and has vastly grown these businesses over the years.

Company Goals

  • Develop and strengthen relationships with our suppliers, vendors & customers.

  • Provide the highest quality of service to customers in order to different itself, grow in the metal industry and expand market share.

  • Build a strong culture within the company, where individual development & participation is nurtured, and is aligned
    with growth of the company.

  • Adopt ethical and fair business practices in all the spheres of the business.

Our Head Office

Indu Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Address :
Nishuvi, 4th Floor, 75. Dr. A.B.Road,
Worli, Mumbai-400018.

Telephone : +91-22- 6277 5100
Telefax : +91-22- 6277 5105

Our Warehouse and ReadyBuild Center

Indu Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Address :
Plot No. A-1, M.I.D.C.
Taloja Industrial Area,
Taloja, Dist. Raigad, PIN – 410 208

Telephone : +91-22-27412387
Telefax : +91-22-27411097