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ICPL has been in the business of trading in Primary Aluminum for the last 10 years and sells its products in Maharashtra, Gujarat & Silvassa.

Aluminium is one of the most important and widely used metals in the transport (body panels, cylinder heads, engine blocks), construction (sheet products for roofs and walls), packaging (alloy of Aluminum used in beverage cans, foils etc.) and electrical sectors (wires).

The team is headed by a senior business manager along with sales support and back office staff.

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Aluminium Products

Aluminium Ingots
(99.7%, 99.5% Purity)

Aluminium Wire Rods
(Ec Grade)

Aluminium billets
(7”, 8″,9″)

Aluminium Ingots

​Ingots are the material that is cast into a shape suitable for further processing.
Large rough castings – storage and transportation.
Aluminium Ingots are produced through the smelting process.
Various grades of ingots are produced which are used for production of castings in Auto Industry as well as electrical applications.
Ingots are re-melted and further processed into a large number of products for various downstream applications

Aluminium Wire Rods

Aluminium wire rod is the raw material for high voltage cable and wire producer due to their electrical conductivity and high ductility. They are used for Middle and high voltage cables.
Wire and cables for electrical applications.

Aluminium Billets

Billet products are used in the supply of construction (windows and door frames).
Consumer durables.

About Us

Indu Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai-based company with interests in the metal industry. ICPL provides TATA Tiscon TMT Rebars, Zinc, Aluminium and Imported Wire Rods and Hot Rolled Coil to customers across various industries and locations.

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Nishuvi, 4th Floor, 75. Dr. A.B.Road,
Worli, Mumbai-400018.

Telephone : +91-22- 6277 5100
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Darshan Shah
Senior Project Sales Officer
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