TATA Steel’s Tiscon is the country’s first and most advanced Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rebar. Every rebar is made from pure steel, with the most advanced TMT technology available globally. It is the only rebar in India to have achieved the “Superbrand” status.

ICPL has been an authorised distributor for TATA Tiscon since 2000. ICPL sells TATA Tiscon material to customers within Mumbai and the greater Mumbai area through the Project Sales channel and to ~50 dealers in the Thane, Palghar and Raigad districts through the Retail Sales channel.

The price of the rebar is prescribed by TATA Steel on a monthly basis, and is influenced by the current market price of TMT steel.

Features of Rebars

  • Manufactured by TATA Steel, the largest steel company in the Indian private sector.
  • Every TATA Tiscon rebar is made from pure iron ore, with the most advanced TMT technology from Tempcore, Belgium.
  • Controlled chemistry, supervision by expert metallurgists and engineers, coupled with state-of-the-art process makes TATA Tiscon the leading rebar in the country.
  • 100% pure steel made from pure iron ore through the blast furnace route.
  • High Strength : Higher safety and durability.
  • High Ductility : Higher seismic resistance.
  • Uniform Rib Pattern : Higher bond strength with cement ensures greater safety.
  • Low Sulphur and low Phosphorous: Higher longevity even in extreme temperature conditions.

TATA Tiscon Fe500D

TATA Tiscon Fe 500D, is the new generation high strength ribbed reinforcement bar. TATA Steel has introduced a new grade called TATA Tiscon 500D where the combined level of Sulphur & Phosphorus is restricted to a maximum of 0.075% to comply with the latest BIS specifications.
It is different from ordinary bars as its method of manufacturing and consequently, in its combination of properties. TATA Tiscon 500D rebars are “hot rolled” from steel billets and subjected to PLC controlled on-line thermo-mechanical treatment in three successive processes
1. Quenching
2. Self-Tempering
3. Atmospheric Cooling.

At TATA Steel, a state-of-art steel making facilities as well as the stringent quality controls at every step, from mines to the mill 100% of the Rebars are now produced in compliance with the Fe- 500D grade specifications.

The rebars are available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm and 40mm diameters. This type of steel is available in both Project and Retail segments.

TATA Tiscon Fe600

This high-strength, high quality carbon-mirco-alloyed steel reinforcement rebar has high ductility along with enhanced strength. These reinforcement rebars are micro-alloyed to achieve better ductility with higher strength. TATA Tiscon Fe600 can be used to build bridges, marine facilities and to create leaner structures with less steel congestion improving construction quality and saving cost. The rebars are available in 25mm and 32mm diameters. This type of steel is mainly sold in the Project segment at a premium of Rs 2,500 per metric tonne.

TATA Tiscon Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRS)

TATA Tiscon Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRS) rebars represent a breakthrough innovation by TATA Steel to help builders fight the deadly menace of corrosion. This type of steel remains unaffected by salinity in air, and moisture in in areas along the coast, areas affected by sea / ground water, and in area which have acid particles in air. The rebars are available in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm diameters. This type of steel is mainly sold in the Project segment at a premium of Rs 2,500 per metric tonne.

TATA Tiscon Plasma Coated Rebars

TATA Tiscon Plasma Coated Rebar is the newest, most technologically advanced rebar offered by TATA Steel. The rebar has a uniform and optimal coating of Zinc which is applied by using a special electrolytic plasma deposition technology. Coating byt his method provides enhanced corrosion resistance at optimal coating thickness and maointaining bond strength with concrete. The zinc coating is far superior to any other coating (eg, epoxy, paint etc). This rebar protects against unfavorable construction practices including inappropriate water to cement ratio, less cover, improper compaction of concrete etc. The life of the rebar is further enhanced by the plasma coating. This rebar is available in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm diameters and is sold mainly in the Retail segment at a premium of Rs 10,000 per metric tonne.

TATA Tiscon Binding Wire (Wiron)

TATA Steel is the largest manufacturer of binding wire in India; the product is called Wiron; which is one of the highest quality products in its market. The wire is first drawn and then annealed to eliminate stress and become ductile. The product is wrapped in HDPE sheets to be more secure, tamper-proof and moisture resistant. It is made from pure iron ore and therefore has minimal impurities. It has consistent diameters with higher elongation and has a consistent weight per metre section, making it a popular choice among developers and builders.

Available Sizes

(dia in mm)
Project and Retail Sales

Project Sales Only

Project Sales Only

Retail Sales Only

Plasma Coated

BIS Specifications for Chemical Properties

Chemical Properties
Fe 500 Fe 500-D TATA Tiscon 500 D
(Typical Maximum Values)*
% Carbon
% Carbon Equivalent (CE)
% Sulphur (S)
% Phosphorus (P)
% Sulphur & Phosphorus (S&P)
% Nitrogen (PPM)

BIS Specifications for Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties
Fe 500 Fe 500-D TATA Tiscon 500 D
(Typical Maximum Values)*
Yield Stress- YS (N/mm2)
Ultimate Tensile Stress- UTS (N/mm2)
UTS/YS Ratio

Project Sales

ICPL supplies TATA Tiscon TMT Rebars to many large infrastructure companies, builders and real estate companies in the greater Mumbai region (within the city octroi limits) through project sales. TATA Tiscon 500D, 600 and CRS are all available for delivery from our Navi Mumbai warehouse. The team is led by our MD and is composed of 4 sales officers and back office support.

For Project Sales Inquiries:

Bharat Solanki
Senior Project Sales Officer
+91 9870604455

Retail Sales

ICPL supplies TATA Tiscon TMT Rebars to a network of 50 dealers across the Thane, Palghar and Raigad districts of Western Maharashtra. The rebars are sold per piece or per metric tonne at the price recommended by TATA Steel, usually revised on a monthly basis.

Services such as free next day delivery to the dealer shop or customer site are included in the price.

ICPL has a dedicated retail team including a business manager, 4 qualified sales officers to effectively manage the dealer network, a sales co-ordinator, a customer service engineer and a logistics officer. ICPL also partners with dealers to perform various innovative marketing and promotional activities in order to grow sales and expand reach within the market.

For Retail Sales Inquiries:

Babu Divakar
Retail Business Manager
+91 98671 62885

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