Tiscon ReadyBuild, is a downstream service which customises the length of a rebars and bends it at required angles in accordance with a project’s blueprint. ICPL’s facility presently offers the Cut & Bend, Couplers and BBS Development Services that
aim at providing customised rebar shapes of rebar needed at the construction sites. ICPL has provided a range of products including basic stirrups and complex helical shapes.

The cut and bend structures required in construction often use rebars of different shapes and sizes. This cutting & bending of the rebars is done at the construction site by the unskilled labours. Since it is manually done, there are high chances of inaccuracies and inefficiencies in the system. There are many other challenges that are faced by different stakeholders during the construction
process that includes timely availability of material, skilled labour shortages, wastages, scrap disposal etc.

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ICPL was one of the first companies to instate a TATA Tiscon ReadyBuild facility with machinery imported from the Schnell Group in Italy. Indu Corporation has one of only two such facilities in the country. Its capacity is 2000 mt per month.
Products are sold at a premium of Rs 3000 per mt.


ICPL has a state of the art ReadyBuild facility with robotic machinery imported from Italy. More information on the product can be found: http://schnellspa.en.ec21.com

ICPL is pleased to announce that all potential cut and bend customers are invited to visit our ReadyBuild facility at Navi Mumbai.

Benefits of Readybuild Steel

  • Zero wastage.

  • Fitting charges at site are reduced, usually by Rs 1500 per mt.

  • Overall time and space saving.

  • Zero Inventory holding cost.

  • Precise Procurement planning.

  • Efficient and size-wise delivery of the Final Product with proper bundling, and count of pieces.

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For ReadyBuild Inquiries  or to Arrange a Plant Visit:

Bharat Solanki
Senior Project Sales Officer
+91 9870604455