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ICPL has been in the business of trading Zinc and Zinc products for the last 18 years and sells its products in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Zinc is extensively used for galvanizing products and for producing zinc oxide which is an intermediate for the pharmaceutical industry. Galvanized products are used in the infrastructure industry; in solar generation, highway construction for poles and crash guards, auto components, industrial vessels and gratings, instrumentation products etc. The galvanizing of steel and ferrous products ensures a longer life span for those products and thus makes them of a higher quality.

The Zinc team consists of two senior sales managers, a sales coordinator and a logistics officer.

Zinc Products

Zinc Ingots (98.65%)

Zinc Ingots (99.995%)

Zinc Ingots (99.95%)

Applications of Zinc


For over a century, zinc has enhanced the longevity and performance of steel. Zinc coatings provide the most effective and economical way of protecting steel against corrosion.


The amount of zinc present in brass alloys ranges from 10% to more than 40%. Besides its traditional use for door handles, lighting fixtures and decorative objects, brass is now an increasingly popular material with architects, interior designers and consumers.

Zinc Batteries

Zinc based energy systems have tremendous advantages including high specific energy, recyclability, safety and zero emissions.

Zinc Die Castings

Die Castings are among the highest volume, mass-produced items manufactured by the metalworking industry.  From bathroom fixtures and door and window hardware to office equipment and tools as well as automotive and countless electronic components, zinc castings are truly everywhere and positively impact our lives on a daily basis.

Zinc Compounds

In the chemical industry zinc is used in the form of zinc powders and dusts. They are used to purify solutions by cementation or to achieve other reductions. Special grades of zinc powders are also used in alkaline batteries as well as in certain button cells.

Zinc Sheet

Zinc sheets are used extensively in the building industry for roofing, flashing and weathering applications.  Zinc sheets are also used in graphic art to make plates and blocks, as well as battery cans and coinage.

About Us

Indu Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai-based company with interests in the metal industry. ICPL provides TATA Tiscon TMT Rebars, Zinc, Aluminium and Imported Wire Rods and Hot Rolled Coil to customers across various industries and locations.

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